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  • Japan is a place that has marked a before and after in our lives, it has taught us a lot, from the power and delicacy of its rituals, to the respect for one another. This country is the best representation of "less is more" and that is exactly what we seek to convey with this mat: the simplicity and elegance of its nature. Pour yourself a cup of green tea, enjoy its aroma, and create your own ritual!

  • 🌱 ​​Eco-friendly - Made of microfiber suede and natural rubber, PVC free.

    👌🏽 Great grip - Excellent for hot yoga practices or medium to high intensity activities.

    💙 Care - You may clean your mat with a mixture of: - 3/4 parts water- 1/4 part white vinegar (you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a better smell). Spray it onto the mat and then rub gently with a cloth. To dry it, just leave it a couple of minutes unrolled and roll once its completly dry.

    📏 Size - 183cm x 61cm x 3mm

    Our yoga mats are very light weighted and they include a carrying strap for you to bring anywhere!

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