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Why Are Yoga Mats Important For Your Practice?

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Surprisingly, yoga mats are relatively new, according to Yoga Journal the first teacher to use a yoga mat was Angela Farmer in 1982, who brought her own yoga mat made of matting to class because she didn’t like her hands and feet sliding while practicing. Other students loved the idea and eventually, yoga mats started being commercialized. Nowadays, yoga mats are a huge part of the industry and probably an important factor in your own yoga practice. Typically, yoga mats are made of “PVC”, that stands for polyvinyl chloride, which contains dangerous chemical additives making it a carcinogen material. While using them, you get exposed to these toxic chemicals through skin contact and inhalation. Also, they aren’t environmentally friendly. In fact, PVC is the most environmentally damaging plastic. It’s whole lifecycle, from its production, use and disposal causes the release of toxic chemicals which are harmful to the environment.

Nevertheless, there are many materials and brands that sell environmentally friendly yoga mats. Which is great news for our wonderful planet! At Bhakti People, we joined the movement.

Yoga mats are important because they provide stability, cushioning, and comfort while practicing. During winter, they also help you to stay warm by not being in direct contact with the floor. We believe that there are many factors that make a good yoga mat.

One of the most important factors we believe in is thickness. The thicker the yoga mat, the more challenging it will be for you to do balancing asanas. The less in contact you are with the floor, the less stable you are. Although this is very personal, some people might find it more comfortable on their knees and elbows to have a thicker mat.

The weight of the yoga mat is another important factor. Depending on if you practice more at home, or if you prefer to go to yoga studios, then weight could be more or less important. If you are bringing your mat with you everywhere you go, then having a lighter mat will be more comfortable to carry.

Bhakti People’s yoga mats are made of natural rubber and suede, making them an excellent option for sweaty practices, since the more you sweat, the more grip you’ll have on the mat. In case you usually don’t sweat much, you can just spray some water on the mat before practicing, and problem solved! The mats are 3mm thick which is a good midpoint between super thin and not too thin. They weigh 2kg which makes them perfect for bringing around.

We believe that choosing a fun yoga mat is part of the process too! You’ll enjoy practicing on a surface that is nice to look at and it might serve as a motivation to practice. By incorporating art to our products we love to give you the chance of choosing a yoga mat that resonates with you. Ultimately, the yoga mat is your sacred space. Where time stops and you reconnect to yourself. Where you dedicate your time to yourself and where you don’t think about the past nor the future. The yoga mat invites you to be present. The yoga mat is where it all starts. And hopefully you can take your yoga lessons off the mat to your day to day life.

Thank you for reading, and for being here.



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